Dear Anyone Who’s Given A Gift-Ever

On behalf of all the people in the world who receive gifts from others:

We love you.  I really want to start of by telling you that if you’re getting a gift (you’re most likely friends or family) and we love you because you care about us (as we do you) and are thrilled that you’d want to express that with a gift.  That being said…

For the love of all things holy, lol,  will you please if you are going to do this thing, think about what we’ll actually use so you’re not wasting time, effort, and money on something we’re going to give away or let hang about for a few years in the back of the closet. We can’t help but feel horrible when somebody spends money or puts time and effort into something only to give an item that isn’t going to be used.

We realize that there are some things that you give us (or we give you) that we just want you to try out, we’re totally cool with that, heck we’re cool with the idea of opening any gift to be honest, because again, it shows you care but wouldn’t it be better for everyone involved it if it was something you’ve seen:

  • In our style
  • An addition to a collection we have
  • Something you know for a fact we’ll use
  • A bit that goes along with a hobby we have
  • Edible
  • Well Scented
  • Needed/useful for the home that you have sounded us out on
  • Something you say you’d like us to try because you liked it too
  • Something fun, fun is awesome
  • Coffee, omgosh free coffee? I’m so there
  • Etc.


We’re not saying we don’t appreciate you or that you thought of us.  We’re saying if you love us enough to get us something shouldn’t you know what our tastes are?

We’re not trying to sound ungrateful but we know that you know when we’re disappointed and that doesn’t make either of us feel good.  


If you can’t think of anything and you really want to gift, than the gift of free babysitting, a meal out ( heck a meal prepared for us even if it’s for the freezer for us to heat later), or our favorite beverage is always appreciated.


We love you,

Every Recipient Ever


Drop A Polite Line :-)

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