Hat Of The Day- The Story

Dave: Christy makes hats, that’s how this all started.  Some days she can whip out 2 some days just one, it depends on if she is knitting or crocheting, how big the project is, and how much time she has with all the other stuff she does around here.

Christy: Yeah, you know I sit here and eat bon bons all day right? [snort]

Dave: Ha!  I know that’s not true because I’ve had to be here watching the crazy list of things you do on top of being a learning coach…besides you said you’d never had bon bons before last year.

Christy: Nope, never had them before and honestly I can take them or leave ’em, a bag of trail mix on the other hand…

Dave: So, she’s got this pile of hats and I was like, how much are you going to sell them for? And when she said 40 bucks I did the math and realized she could by selling 10 hats a week make almost what I do at this time as a heavy equipment operator (hey, I was desperate for a job)

Christy: And so my idea for “Hat of the Day” was born.  I can’t guarantee I’ll get them posted every day or that I will actually make one every day because I do a bit here and there throughout the day when I’m taking a break or waiting for kiddo to finish an assessment for her classes and then I finish up at night if I’m not playing xbox, but I promise you I’ll at least think of a hat every day 😉  Hey, I might be able to afford an xbox one if I sell these!  Sweet!!

Dave: Errr, yeah. Maybe a new fishing pole or two also? So, we’ll take pics and post the link to where they’re on sale at Etsy or Artfire or whatever. It’s actually a pretty good deal $40 for a hand made hat that will last years.

Christy: What makes me crazy is that some people are like, “oh, well, I’ll give you $5 for it.” [rolling eyes] the yarn ranges anywhere from 3-9 bucks depending on what I’m using and then you add in the actual hours it takes to make something by hand and I would rather smack people with the blasted things rather than give it away for that price.

Dave: No, how do you really feel?

Christy: Do you know how much yarn costs? There is a reason I only get a little bit and that’s with a coupon…speaking of which, to all my crafty friends.. I’m short on yarn if you have any donations I’d be happy to use them [batting eyelashes]

Anyway my other favorite saying, “Oh, I can make (insert item) myself.” You know, 9 times out of 10 when I say that about something I never end up making it, lol, because I can’t find the exact materials, pattern, or time and I should have just purchased what I saw that I liked…Just sayin, just because you can be crafty doesn’t mean you’re going to.

Dave: [sigh]

Christy: [grin] Sorry, lol, I am not trying to sound cranky and my fellow artists are with me on this, we all are about mortified by the people wanting stuff for free.  Well, we’re not factory workers mass producing items that everyone can snag up, we’re artisans and we make one of a kind, limited numbers of a design, custom, etc. How would you feel if it was your own work?



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