Kendall Jenner Type Hat


So, I was on the web yesterday and saw a neat hat…yeah, I went there.  I’m one of those people who can occasionally make something that I see and in this case it was a cute little ribbed hat worn by Kendall Jenner that caught my eye.  I am going to be completely honest, I don’t know who she is, lol, I’m an ego crusher for famous people I’m sure but there you have it, I am absolutely horrid at remembering names, and sometimes faces [grin]

I wanted this for me though and wanted something a bit more lightweight seeing as I’m in Florida, lol.  This hat is done up on the LK150 in a mock rib yesterday night (so it still counts as hat of the day) which gives more space between  so that I have a hat more suited to my location, if I get any time later (still have tons of stuff to do before Thursday) then I’ll do the actual 1×1 rib……

But for now you can look at the original at the link below.

Leave It Up To Kendall Jenner To Make Traveling In Spandex Look Cool.


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