Save Money- Make Your Own Body Powder


Fancy Body Powder DIY
I scored the tins for my holiday body powder on sale at Joann for $1.19! Add powder, toss on a bow, and in reality this home made dusting powder only cost a little under $2 for me to make per person. Don’t ask me how much is actually in it I don’t have a scale it was put in with a XL cupcake batter scoop, lol.

Christy: So this year I wanted to do something really special for gifts and as it is so hard to buy for people I wanted to show I put some thought and effort into something besides agonizing over what to get them, lol, so I decided to make body powder!

Dave: There is no Yuletide smell to be had in our house at the moment, it smells like someone spilled a few different bottles of perfume.

I would prefer the cookie smell from the other day, can we go back to that?

Christy: Yes, that’s scheduled for Thursday.

Dave: Yummmmm! [smacking chops]

Christy: So this is a quick post because I’ve got scads of things to finish tonight including finishing the kitchen organizing since my spidey sense went haywire as I was about to pass Winn Dixie and I know to listen when that happens.  Woot! Scored pork roast for 99 cents a pound and frozen turkey for 74 cents a pound. That’s right y’all guess who’s going to be cooking and separating them this week for quick meals?

Dave: Uuuuummmmm Pulled Pork.

Christy: Yes, that too 🙂

So if you want to make some awesome cheap body powder in whatever favorite perfume scent that you want it is so simple you won’t believe you’ve never done it before.

Dave: I looked for some for you once but didn’t see any, I just thought it wasn’t popular or something.

Christy: The stuff is especially great for ladies to finish after a shower (especially during the hot sweaty months) and the scent lasts all day but isn’t overpowering…powder is kind of like the wax melts when I think about it.  Our bodies are the warmer and the powder scent gently scents us.

Dave: Hmmm

Christy: Yeah, I see  you’re real talkative tonight, lol.

Anyway, to make the powder you will need

  • A box of cornstarch from the grocery store (under $2 in most places)
  • OR a bottle of unscented talcum powder (at the dollar store)
  • A container that will hold however much you make, I utilized an empty coffee can for the making process.
  • Smaller containers to separate smaller it up if you’re giving it away. 1 box of cornstarch from the store make 3 of the smaller containers I’d gotten.
  • 3-5 Cotton balls (the more you put in the stronger the smell)
  • Your favorite perfume (you can use herbs if you want but you’ll need to put them in something so they don’t actually end up in the powder)
  • Oh, and you’ll need something to use as a puff! I’m actually using some super soft bundled feathers.
  • Pour your preferred powder into your container, squirt a few cotton balls til saturated with your perfume and toss them in the container too.
  • Close container and shake a couple times per day for a couple days.
  • Put into smaller container minus the scented cotton balls.
  • Viola!

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