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So, I just wanted to share something with everyone because I’m a bit of an online shopper 😀 Sometimes, the best deal is NOT at Amazon, lol.  You’d be surprised at what you can do with a bit of sale watching.  Now, my older daughter thinks that I just don’t like shopping, which is the furthest thing from the truth I just don’t like shopping at the mall as things get spendy there unless you’re walking around from store to store for comparisons which I can do at home online just fine and all without having to deal with crowds of people or standing in the checkout line.  You don’t even want to get me started on the checkout lines, sheesh.

So my first favorite- I am completely in love with (yes that is an affiliate link because I like them that much. Get $5 off your first order and shipping for an order of $20 is free plus you 10% in loyalty credit there from each purchase to use later)  I get all of the families vitamins there and also our mouthwash, toothpaste, soaps, snacks, and other various beauty and supplies that would cost me a fortune at whole foods or the other local healthy stores. Now, I am so serious that it is not even funny how much money that I have saved by shopping at this place and I am taking a moment to share this that you so that you can save a buck also.

My next favorite saving money tip is and their ever lovely clearance section, there is no better way to replenish your kids wardrobe when they’ve had a growth spurt than hitting the clearance section, and you can get rewards there too.

And lets not forget and their awesome discounts and rewards, now I love love love the shirts here for kiddo because they wash so well, unless there’s glitter, egads why put glitter on a shirt it gets everywhere in the wash? Nonetheless children’s place clothing really has worn well and if you catch it on sale or on the clearance  you end up paying equal or less than what you’d pay at Wally or Target.

And this is the end of my public service (just kidding) announcement, lol, I just wanted to share.



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