Weekly hats post!

You know I think I’ll just post whatever hats I make weekly, lol.  It gets to be a lot with everything else that I do to try to get them sewn up and posted in a timely manner seeing as I sew them up at night usually.

Onto a neat side note:

My oldest daughter was wearing one of my hats at Joann’s the other day and received many compliments and inspired a new knitter to make something similar.  I am all for new yarnies, you never know what they’ll come up with on their own. That being said here’s the hats for the past couple days and you can expect the new week of hat a day next Saturday (the 27th)

Keep in mind we quality test all our hats to decide who they’d fit best on and then they are washed and stored waiting for a new forever home.

long purple hat
This awesome stocking cap type hat was super fun to make and is done in acrylic and a wool blend where you see the variegated bits.
short annoying hat
This short hat is done in acrylic, super soft wool blend (the solid blue), and cotton fun fur (the brown) Oddly enough this short hat is the hat that has given me the most grief this week with dropped stitches, wrong sizing in the band, not wanting to seam up properly and if it wasn’t for my streak of stubborn this test hat would have been out the door and into the trash because I was so frustrated.



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