Dave Butt Dialed Me


So the phone just rang and the ID said Dave so I answered it… and he wasn’t there. He butt dialed me somehow. I’m not sure how he keeps doing it he’s got a frickin Moto G for the love of Pete but this happens at least once a month, lol.

So what’s a wife to do when faced with this?

Well,  here’s how it went…

Me: hello
(listening to an echo)
(better echo to hear)
Oh Daaaaaaavvvvveeee
You butt dialed me again!
(longer impressive echo)
[in a deeper voice]
David this is God
(thinking wow that’s pretty dang impressive)
[still in the deeper voice]
David Scott, this is God and you have butt dialed me, please state the reason for your call….

So I’m about rolling on the floor now and he still didn’t answer no matter how many times I called his name so I hung up, but that was funny and the last bit echoed about as good as being in a canyon. Thank you honey for brightening my day with your buttocks


Drop A Polite Line :-)

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