The Dirty Truth- DIY Boot Brush/Scraper

Christy: You’d think that after putting down the faux wood floors (ok, it was peel and stick)

Dave: That I ended up having to finish after having paid someone to do it.

Christy: I’m not starting that conversation again.  No, that’s not what gets my goat lately.

Dave: Stupidity?

Christy: Well yeah, that bugs me too but I’m talking about your boots today.

Dave: [snort] My boots are manly. They walk the talk, they keep my toes safe, and enjoy long walks through the muck, keeping me from slipping, and driving around on bulldozers.

Christy: [facepalm] At any rate, we thought that life would be wonderful especially since we have the Neato vacuum.  This is simply not the case because while the floor is clean after it runs at 10 am it’s the before that gets annoying.

Yep, no matter how much he knocks them off before coming in the house there is still dirt attached to the bottom of the work boots which isn’t surprising as he does work in the dirt being a heavy equipment operator.

Dave: Hey, I do kick them against the steps before coming inside, and then once I reach the chair I take them off.

Christy: Why yes honey, you do, have some coffee and let me finish this post.

Dave: Hmmm, cappuccino does sound good. Where’s the whizzy thing?

Christy: Ohhh, cappuccino! Make me one too? [batting eyelashes]

Anyway, because he’s got to put the boots on again in the morning  he still ends up traipsing through the kitchen for something before going out the door. [sigh]

Dave: I’m not leaving without my coffee…or taking my boots off just to grab the lunch I forgot.

Christy: Nor do I expect you to, lol.  But of course when I come out and head for the coffee pot barefoot it feels like I’m walking at the beach.

Dave: That’s funny because we both agreed when we first met that neither of us likes “long romantic walks on the beach” because of all the sand that gets in the car.

Christy: Yeah, well I got the darn beach anyway it seems.

Today I have a solution though!  I am not going to get some darn rug if that’s what you’re thinking, no, I saw a video on a DIY boot scraper and so for a mere $5 my morning beach walk will be no more.

So check out the hack for a boot scraper that makes sense!

Dave:  Where are you going to put it so you don’t trip on it?

Christy:  I’m still working on that part.


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