The Great Freezer Thaw of 2015

Dave: Well, it was icing up anyway.

Christy: [sigh] yeah, I suppose that’s one way to look at it.

The Incident as it’s now know: Bellatrix was helping out the other day and like most people who can never find the dustpan…

Dave: It’s under the ferret cage, I use it to clean up their spilled food when they decide to play in their dish.

Christy: Good to know

At any rate kiddo was going to use the hose on the vacuum to round up the dog food Gus spilled, and what is it with our critters not being capable of keeping food in their dishes no matter what kind of dish we use?

Dave: hmmm

Christy: So, kiddo plugs in the vacuum and does her thing while I’m mopping the other side of the kitchen.  Sounds great right?  A child that wants to help out around the house? Yeah it’s nice, but sometimes, stuff happens and in this case it was that she’d unplugged the chest freezer rather than her walkie talkie charger to plug the vacuum in and didn’t plug the freezer back in last night.

Dave: [grinning] Whops! Looks like we’re going to be eating turkey for a couple weeks 😀 Roasted Turkey, BBQ Turkey, Turkey Soup, Fried Turkey, Turkey Fajitas, Turkey Pot Pie, Turkey Sandwiches, Turkey Cordon Bleu, yummmmmm.

Christy: You’re just happy that it takes more than a day for a turkey to actually thaw and that ours was still mostly frozen.  And don’t even deny your glee at tossing the bags of thawed and now mushy green vegetables. I have no idea what you have against Broccoli.

Dave: [shrug] I’ll eat it, you know that, it’s just not my favorite.

Christy: Then why do I have to sneak green veggies into food? Not everything can be a carrot or beet.

Dave: [grin]

So did you finish cooking the half thawed sausage? And more importantly is that blueberry cobbler done baking yet?

Christy: Yeah, it smells pretty good next to that roasted chicken you’ve got going.

Dave: At least the freezer isn’t iced up anymore.

Christy: Yep, glad we could salvage the blueberries, too bad about the chopped pineapple and mango going to mush though, I didn’t even know we had that in there.

Dave: Me either, I just chalk it up to our odd luck, kind of like being out camping and having only hominy left over at the end but never having purchased a single can in my life.

Christy: So, what are you going to do with that ham?

Dave: Ham steaks, ham and beans, ham and eggs, ham casserole,  ham sandwhich…

Christy: I’m hungry now.

Dave: Me too.


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