Homemade American Cheese Anyone?

Christy: So I saw a horrifying video shared on FB about American Cheese not melting when exposed to flame. Well, I wondered how regular cheese held up to the flame test and took a stroll over to youtube where I found this video.

Dave: We should try that [grinning]

Christy: [sighing] So then I took a stroll over to Kraft to see exactly what is IN their cheese here’s the link. Well that doesn’t tell me much except it’s got a couple words I’ve never seen before, lol.  So I took a swing by Fooducate and found an article  titled

Is This Cheese? Kraft Singles [Cheese Miniseries Part 3 / 3]

which was a lot more informative because it broke down exactly what was in there.

Dave: I really don’t care what’s in it at this point, just walking outside can kill a person if they’re struck by lightening or run over or something.

Christy: I was struck by lightening, and inside no less via the computer mouse, it hurts, and then your arm goes numb and you can’t let go of the mouse no matter what, and then it hurts again.  But you get great service at the ER if you’re pregnant like I was when it happened.

Dave: So that’s why all the baby photos I’ve seen of Dee have her with hair standing straight up?

Christy: Heh, yeah, we used to call her Billy Idol.


I started thinking that maybe I should just stick with my regular cheese for simplicity sake and because it has less ingredients but then I thought to myself, BUT I LIKE American Cheese! There has got to be a better alternative!

Dave: [oohing] I love food experiment kitchen usually 🙂

Christy: Google to the rescue! (Seriously I love technology I remember a time I would have had to go to the library to scour through magazines and recipe books or posted an add in a local paper and asked everyone around if they’d heard of a way to make this at  home) And what did I find?  This awesome article with recipe on how to make Homemade American Cheese.

I’m going to give it a try this weekend and I’ll let you all know how it went!

~Dave & Christy


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