I have had a…Monday


Not only was today the first day back to school after vacation it happened to fall on a Monday where I also needed to get the rent paid and a variety of other things. Thankfully I scheduled a couple articles for this week at my pt job or else nothing would have got done over at JacksonvilleBusinessPhoneService.com (go grab your no contract Florida business phones there and I’m not just saying that, it’s crazy how much free stuff you get along with human local customer service)

It all started off as a fairly simple morning

  • but my tablet not charging because of the wiggly cord should have been the warning that today was not going to be ok after all.
  •  Kiddo got frustrated in class connect for school because there are like a zillion kids in there so her answers weren’t read off for the mad libbs they were doing as a game and to work on their adjectives, nouns, and verbs.
  • The microphone she needed to use for her reading class (test today mind you) decided it wasn’t going to work.
  • I needed to go get the rent but broke a bunch of pretzel sticks by stepping on them after knocking them over reaching for my keys that were on the desk where kiddo had them set for a snack while we did schooling.
  • Dave fiddled with the minivan the other day and got the new water thing in but of course the service engine light is still on and I need to take it to John to look at but I was desperate because I needed to pay the rent you know?
  • go to pull into the main driveway on the way home and the mini stalls out, right there on the main road/drive so that nobody would be able to get in. I was mortified! No quicker way to tick off all your neighbors than to be in between them and their houses ya know?
  • NEED a way to the dentist for Bella on Wednesday because she needs to get her spacer out because her tooth is coming in but obviously can’t trust the minivan
  • Finally got back to schooling and it took kiddo 3 hours (it feels like) to do a 30 minute test because it was the most boring stuff on the planet (reading and comprehension had crap stories today, lol)
  • The dog is following me waiting to get video of me snapping because I’m having one of those Mondays
  • I need to finish my after hols cleaning because tomorrow is trash day but I really don’t care if that empty box and gift bag is sitting next to the tree I still haven’t put up at this point
  • My darling husband attentively listens to the woes of my day.

Well, ok, the last part was nice but the rest was like Manic Monday by the Bangles.


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