No More Red Cars

I am so sick of watching the gun control debate on the news.  (I’m tired of what I see on the news period,  but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post) I grew up with guns around me my whole life and it’s never occurred to me to harm anybody. I mean, that’s the way we were brought up.

It goes back even further to when my Dad gave me my first pocket knife.  I was taught to be responsible with anything dangerous, it was a tool and nothing more and if I took care of it properly it would always serve in its function when I needed it.

This lesson carried over to firearms and automobiles and everything else; things that you use to do something are all tools and if you respect them (and that is the big thing right there,  you have to be taught to respect what you’re dealing with if it is actually potentially dangerous if misused) then you will not have a problem.

And I have nothing else to say. That is the whole point right there, you need to be responsible.

Responsibility seems to be a foreign concept to some people however and because of some tragedies done by some a**hats they want to expand on gun control and such.

What’s next though? It wasn’t the gun that did something bad, it was the person.  You can hurt someone with a spoon if you’re motivated enough. More people get killed by butcher knives than so called assault weapons, should we ban butcher knives? If we did how would the same people against guns (some of which hire guards to protect them who carry guns…hypocrites) chop up their veggies to make juice and smoothies?


It’s like saying “so and so got run over by a red car we should ban all red cars”

And on that note, here’s a greatly informative video for you.


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