One of Those Days: Of Alternator Belts and Yeps

Your alternator belt is NOT supposed to look like this… Just so you know, lol.

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Christy: Aunty Acid Said on FB today that Tuesday is Monday’s Ugly Sister...

Dave: It’s true

Christy: Tuesday is the day your car won’t start and you don’t have the funds for an alternator and if you go ahead and if you charge it to your credit/debit card anyway you’re going to have a bounce fee in addition which means you won’t be able to pay the electric bill and the internet bill on Friday but if you don’t then your kid won’t be able to attend her online school…and all because your boss is cheap and only paying your $11 an hour for being a Heavy Equipment Operator…

Dave: Fortunately Tuesday has a great personality!

Christy: [LOL!] I had a feeling after Dave had the auto parts store run the diagnostic and they were saying they couldn’t tell if the alternator was bad or not because the belt was loose that it just might be the belt that was bad.

Dave: That belt was beyond bad I’m surprised it didn’t disintegrate driving down the road.

Christy: Better than last weeks issue!

Dave: Did you even post last weeks issue?

Christy: Ummmmm, you know, I don’t know.

Dave: Just as bad as last weeks issue but in a different way.

Christy: True, though a bad belt under the hood won’t make a tire fly off.

Dave: Thankfully!

Christy: At any rate folks look at that photo! That’s actually kinda scary.

Dave: Yeah, at least the test I just had them do again says that the alternator is now charging.

Christy: whew!

Dave: Yep, well I’m off to work now

Christy: Have your lunch?

Dave: Yep

Christy: Drive Safe!

Dave: Yep

Christy: Turkey for dinner?

Dave: Yep

Christy: It’s leftovers I defrosted

Dave: Yep

Christy: Is that all you have to say is “yep”?

Dave: Yep

Christy: [laughsnort] Have a good day honey, love you 🙂

Dave: Yep [grin]

Christy: [facepalm]


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One thought on “One of Those Days: Of Alternator Belts and Yeps”

  1. The day continues….the step stool in the kitchen jumped out in front of me while I was going for a paper towel, I think my pinky toe is broke :-/ now where’s that darn tape so I can hobble over for a glass of wine to take a nip for the thumping pain?

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