One of THOSE Days: Foot Shiners and Mops

So this is actually a continuation I suppose of one of THOSE days from yesterday.

Yesterday I managed to whack my poor pinky toe whilst attempting to reach for a paper towel so that I could go and clean up the mess that Dave’s lovely ferret made in the hallway during their exercise time (note to self never feed the ferrets before exercise time, lol). And below is Dave wrapping me up so I could hobble around last night through the throbbing agony of being attacked by the step stool.

Dave attempting to wrap my pinky toe 🙁

And here it is today…  

Fabulous huh?

But hey, I managed despite this to get myself in and out of the tub without falling all over the place only to be greeted by this as my hair dried.


Which doesn’t look so bad until you see the full scope of what I have to deal with hair wise today…

My Cousin It impression, lol



I’m not going to say, “At least….” Because I’m afraid of what might happen if I do, lol, no need to temp fate after all 😀


Drop A Polite Line :-)

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