You Should Get This Dave

So Pretty!


Dave, I love you [batting eyelashes] That being said, this year I actually want something.  I know weird right? But, I can’t help it, they’re pretty and my heart says, “Heck yeah those would look great on my desk!”

Oh, we can still get each other chocolates (most of which you and the youngest will end up eating before I can get to them, lol)  but I’d really appreciate some flowers. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

Here’s another pic… doesn’t my hand look awesome next to these flowers?  Imagine how lovely they would be with the real deal right here? I would even be willing to set up a double plate of brownies next to it just for you that nobody else could have.

Think about it...


Here’s the screen shot for your convenience…imagine your coffee cup near it with one of those fancy coffees you like on occasion, the beauty of the arrangement would enhance the enjoyment of your frothy cinnamon cafe latte.

Screenshot of awesome flowers 😉



You could be sitting here gaming at night with the fragrant assortment of flowery goodness soothing your senses as you and your buddies zip along the monitor in those little tanks…look the vase is kinda the same color green as most of the field y’all are in!

Did I mention they’ve got a 10% off and free delivery deal? 😀

Yeah, I do know that I can get them for myself, I’m trying to help you out this year and give you an idea. I’m thoughtful like that [nodding sagely] and please do take yourself fishing on Valentines Day if you so choose (that will leave the chocolates you’re also going to get available until you get home) errrr…we can make a scrumptious dinner from whatever you catch!


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