Lost Phone

It’s not enough that I’m having hot flashes today and I’m under the weather because that glass of wine didn’t agree with me last night, oh no, it gets “better”

Today is:


  • The first day of my kids Spring Break
  • My nose was all stuffed up because the fan was left on last night
  • The dogs leash was out front (instead of outback where it usually is) when he wanted out this morning so all Gus ended up doing was trying to tinkle on the new potato plant while I begged him to find somewhere else
  • Dave only left me a half cup of coffee in the pot and it was lukewarm
  • Planet Fitness won’t let me take my payment information off my kids account or downgrade it over the phone and she couldn’t get in there and change it herself today because she’d been out and about until just before she needed to get to work and of course we’re broke because I had to buy groceries so I don’t have enough to cover it (dang people constantly eating around here, sheesh! LOL)
  • Dave was late getting home from work so I had to risk driving the minivan that keeps telling me it’s got low oil pressure and stalling out on me so that Dee could get to work on time.  Thankfully it only stalled out 5 times there and back and at least it restarted for me this time but I was getting pretty worried because it was also running hot :-/
  • And then…

Dave lost his cellphone at work

Well, isn’t that just peachy?

So I had to get ahold of our carrier (Republic Wireless if you’re wondering) and here’s a condensed version of what was wrong for your giggling pleasure….

Name: Christy
Phone Model Moto G (1st Gen)
Ticket Number: 
Brief Issue/Question Description: Husband lost his phone at work today…possibly in a pond or under a (literal) metric ton of dirt (considering he had it set on his bulldozers dashboard)…hmmm… is there a way to retrieve his past texts and phone numbers from the phone so we can load it into a new one at the beginning of the month when we’ll be able to get a replacement? And, can we put our service on hold until we can get a new one? We’re going to want the same number and all that.

So I had a lovely conversation with the ever awesome Laura (Republic I hope you’re paying attention because she deserves a raise for the level of great chat she gave to a stranger having a wonky day) she was as quick witted as I and had the great idea that I could purchase one of those pacifier clips for Dave’s next phone rather than just pin it to his shirt like a note for an errant child (which was my suggestion).  God I love good customer service! Made my “one of those days” a bit brighter I tell you 😀

Cheers all!


Drop A Polite Line :-)

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