Our Canoe For Sale Ad …

Christy: So, the canoe has been lonely and with Dave working 6 days a weeks for a measly 11 (his company is cheap)

Dave: The poor thing has been missing the open waters!!

Christy: So here’s the ad I’ve written for craigslist what do you think?

14 feet of awesome freedom to roam the waterways!
Goodies for Canoe
Goodies Galore! Pontoons go for anywhere between 150-300+ by themselves but you get it free with this canoe…PLUS we’re throwing in 2 life jackets and a paddle!


Up for grabs is this fabulous fiberglass canoe that comes with a paddle so you won’t be up the creek without one! As a bonus to help with your adventure there are 2 adult sized life jackets, and some great pontoons to help you stabilize yourself in the waterways of life…err…fishing the creek. Aren’t you a lucky person to be looking at this particular listing In addition to helping you delve into the currents in our lovely state, this humble canoe has built in storage and an attachment at the front to plop your fishing poles into.

14 feet of fabulous fiberglass, quite possibly the past star of some sporting goods catalog and it’s got 3 seats!

While it’s true she is no longer a great beauty, she is in fact in great shape and her accessories make her the slightly aged supermodel of the river. Think of the envy on your friends faces as you and the blue queen glide across the water catching fish willy nilly as the wind gently blows across your brow and they’re stuck on shore lamenting your luck on this find before they had the opportunity to snatch her up themselves! Why it could possibly make your heart burst with happiness as you glide to shore with your daily limit glistening proudly from your basket because you were able to leave the shore and glide into a school of fish desperate for a meal just as you lowered your hook into the water.

Yes, this fine canoe is your ticket to stunning sunset moments with your fishing pole, your significant other, or a couple of buddies and a cooler of refreshments.

Get her before she’s gone my friend, we despair to see her go but she’s lonely and deserves more time on the water than she’s gotten lately. All she really needs is a bath and some transportation and you’ll be on your way!

Imagine the Joy
Imagine this was the river instead of a bit of land where she got a hosing before getting her picture taken! Can you hear the waves slapping gently against the sides and you glide along?


Canoe Storage
Storage in the seat…how neat!



Will update on how it goes


Dave and Christy


Drop A Polite Line :-)

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