Dumb Overseas Caller

Yeah, so someone called here today and I stupidly answered the phone. Instead of anyone I knew though it was a recording telling me that I was getting a credit card reduction and to press 9. I thought it was weird as heck let me tell you.

Well, I don’t have any credit cards so I pressed 9 to ask them to remove me from their list. And got a guy saying “card services” and I asked him if he would please remove my number from their service. He asked me my name and I jokingly said, “does it matter? I don’t have a credit card so I don’t need your service just for you to remove my number.”

Which is when in his slimy thick and weirdly accented voice he began to call me all kinds of names and tell me thing such as I was high, I was a b*tch, and all kinds of other foul things, all the while giggling merrily at what he called my foul a*s, and that I was a wh*re.

And you wonder why a lot of people have have a problem with US companies using overseas operators and such  to make calls?

There ya go. This is what we’re exposed to.  

This person gave me the impression he thought little of women, and was quick to think that he had one over on some American chick because he thought he was verbally abusing me.  [facepalm] The stupidity that I’m constantly surrounded by in this world just boggles the mind. Too bad since he wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise he didn’t realize I’ve been called much worse by much better people and I think they too are idiots who were dropped on their head as children. Just. Like. Him.

Guess what chump?  I hung up and politely asked Karma to kindly come your way and show you the truth that you so deny….That the best part of what you could have been never activated in your genes.  Have a blessed day 🙂


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