ESPN was NOT totally wrong to suspend Britt

The New York Post thinks ESPN was totally wrong to suspend Britt McHenry.

Uh, NO.

Here’s the video

Of course she later tweeted she was sorry and she was having a bad day…I do not believe for one moment that she was honest when she said she was sorry for verbally abusing that attendant who  was only doing her job.  The video showed her to be a petulant child intent on harming someone she didn’t even know to simply make herself feel better by lashing out like a 5 year old. Ugly is a soul problem everyone battles especially when something crappy happens (like having a car towed) but that is no reason to belittle someone surviving on a pittance who is absolutely GRATEFUL to have a job to begin with (no matter how good or bad a company is) to pay for those funny things like food, electric, and housing. And hey, after paying all that out there usually isn’t anything left over for something fancy like a dentist when us poor uneducated (according to her) folks still need to get things like TP, soap, and maybe a splurge of a couple bucks for a movie rental to treat our kids.

Here’s a frickin newsflash for you….sometimes life happens and we don’t get to just leave home to go to collage to get a degree.  Sometimes we don’t want or need one to be happy to be completely honest. Money, pretty hair, a piece of paper saying you read some books and did homework (anyone can learn the same and just not have a degree saying so) is not the meaning of life.  LIFE is about being the best person that you can be, it’s about being happy and helping out your fellow man when they need a hand up. If that attendants teeth bothered you so much why don’t you pay to have them attended to.

Your boss was completely right in suspending you for poor public behavior since you are a public figure that represents their brand.  Shame on you, if you were my child we’d be having a serious discussion on how you’re supposed to treat people despite your bad day.


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