The Pencil, the Test, and the Chocolate Bar

Christy: Time for your spelling test! Woohoo!
Bellatrix: [not looking impressed at all] I need a place to take my test
Christy: Well, lets clear your desk off again and put the last papers away
[clearing of desk from math]
Bellatrix: [growl] Mom! I don’t need another pencil
Christy: It rolled man, it wanted to help
Bellatrix: Sorry Mom, I’m a bit cray cray
Christy: I feel ya hon, it’s a dreary day
Bellatrix: [mumbling under breath] I wish I had some chocolate
Christy: [yoda impression] Ah yes, chocolate, learning quickly the secrets of womanhood you are.


Bellatrix: [facepalm] You’re so weird Mom

Christy: [grinning] Unrepentantly

Bellatrix: [snort] I’m not trying to spell that




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