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So, I fancy myself a writer…

Truth be told anyone can be a writer but not all writers get published, or at least that used to be the case.  Now with the wonders of Print on Demand and Ebooks ….

Well, any writer can get published 🙂 

I’m not saying that anyone who tries is going to have a book that makes it to the top of the charts and is read widely by everyone who is anyone, goodness no.  However, anyone with a bit of time and a bit of drive can start writing about anything that they know.

Careful to you folks who live in glass houses, someone you know might be a writer intent on using you and all your drama as some book that might hit the top of the charts! [grin]

I myself have a few books in the works one of which is in the editing stage about the fiasco with my foot, one that has a couple chapters to be finished about how Dave and I met and the life we’ve lived together.  I’ve got a few cookbooks in the works and I’ve got an idea or two for another book or so. Not to mention the poems that pops out from time to time that might as well have a bit of a place to be shared as well! So very exciting.

Anyway, I thought I would start a section on the site about writings with excerpts for various projects to get an idea of how bits and pieces are perceived before I do the final edits.

That is all….

For now.



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