Taking It Off- The Plan

So, I’ve decided that despite my literally creaking/ cracking knees, back that goes out of whack when I go to pick something up and come back up wrong and my foot from hell issues;  uh, yeah…I have decided to take off my extra weight and be done with it despite any discomforts and without hurting any of my out of whack bits with exercises that do more harm than help (I mean seriously lunges are good and all but not if you’re falling over because they make your knees hurt).

Anyway I’m taking a 3 prong approach to feeling healthier again, this isn’t so much about disliking my body (though nobody can honestly claim to like bingo arms) it’s that I don’t feel good and I know that my weight is the biggest factor in that. I know if I take off some of the weight my knees will be happy with me and happy knees means I’ll be able to kneel more in the garden 🙂 Whoohoo!

So, to tackle my issue I’ve devised a plan of action that won’t hurt my knees, won’t mess with my love of fabulously yummy food (not that I actually eat much with our budget being what it is) and doesn’t involve exercise that’s got me on the floor or doing anything to hurt my knees more.

Part 1. It Works!  And yes, it really does you can get some from the awesome Skye (she’s practically family) right here online at her shop. I did my very first wrap before lunch,  finished up working with Bellatrix and her homeschooling til 2, sat around playing Assassins Creed Black Flag til midnight and woke up this morning with 3 and 3/8 off my waist. Wow!

Part2. Wall exercising, I can’t do push ups on the floor yet but I can start getting to that point by doing wall push offs.

Part3. Juicing and Smoothies.  Some people are all about taking the pulp out some people are all for leaving it in.  Me, I can’t afford a good juicer but was able to get a decent smoothie maker on easy pay over at QVC that I’m now awaiting it’s arrival via mail, so it’s smoothies for me and some free ebooks from Amazon that had good reviews are supplying most of the recipes I want to try…God knows I have enough kohlrabi plants growing to keep my smoothies in the green for months to come and with summer on the way I like the idea of smoothies 😀 bet I can even get Dave to try the Healthy Shamrock Shake {Mint-Flavored Smoothie}?

I’ll keep you updated on the progress once a week.  Not like what happened with hat day…I’ve got a new idea for summer hats and will begin updating that category again shortly.

~~~~~~~~~11:30 PM UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Had a heck of a good day today by getting out of the house for a bit because I needed a bit of stabilizer for the brim of a hat I want to sew but got super excited on the way to the craft store because the fresh fruit and veg guy was set up on a Saturday just up the road from me! I stopped in to gear up on my fruits for the smoothies.  I love stopping in this place, so fresh, yummm, I snagged:

  • 20 tangerines
  • 12 ginormous bananas
  • 6 mangoes
  • 1 huge muskmelon
  • 1 fab looking pineapple
  • 1 massive papaya

Going to cut some of this up and toss it in the freezer for the smoothies!


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