It Happens in Threes

Christy: Sooooo, you’re going to be careful tomorrow at work yeah?

Dave: Oh yeah

Christy: I’m serious, it’s bad enough you nicked your finger trying to cut up the meat for the sausage yesterday but today freaked me right out.

Dave: Hey, all I was trying to do was roll up the window.

Christy: I know, I once tapped the glass on my backdoor in Mississippi to shush the dog and my hand went right through it, and seriously, I literally just went tap tap tap with my fingernail.

Dave: At least you saw me rolling up the window or nobody would believe my luck.

Christy: Yeah, well, it’s not normal for a window to shatter like that. ¬†Stupid safety glass doesn’t seem so safe now does it?

Dave: Nope.

Christy: So you’re going to be super careful tomorrow at work?

Dave: Yeah, because I don’t think that plate falling of the counter trying to get my foot just now counts as the 3rd weird thing to happen to me.

Christy: I’m serious man! I don’t want a phone call saying you got squished by your bulldozer.

Dave: Yeah yeah, I love you too. I’ll be careful so stop worrying I know that insurance won’t take out the garbage.

Christy: [facepalm] That’s besides the point

Dave: [grin]

Christy: You’re such a man sometimes

Dave: Yes [striking the Superman pose] my manly awesomeness will see me prevail against the weird luck I seem to be having the past couple days.

Christy: [laugh] Well, Mr. Manly Man if you’re not careful there won’t be any coffee for you while you’re stuck recovering from whatever

Dave: [gasp] NOOOOOOOOO!


UPDATE: Monday-May 4th

After Dave got home from work I found out…The third occurred!


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