Tuesday is the new Monday

Christy: Let me just set the scene

Dave: Seriously?!? I’m running late!

Christy: You’re not going anywhere until the battery charges are you?

Dave: [sigh]

Christy: So then…We go to bed last night and just as I’m crawling in and Dave’s in the bathroom I hear something on the roof and say, “Hey, is that rain? Did you cover the window?”

Dave: Which is when I scurried around for a shirt and my shoes so I could go out to the car and cover the window.

Christy: Cue Morning

Dave: I forgot to set my alarm last night

Christy: So I made Dave a smoothie and grabbed his lunch from the fridge to help get him out the door faster.

Dave: Which was nice, except the car wouldn’t start.

Christy: Indeed

Dave: So I grabbed the charger for the car and plugged it in after having got my knees wet from the water that snuck past the temporary covering for the broken window and I discovered that the reason that the car had no charge was because I left the key in the ignition yesterday afternoon when I filled up the kiddos bike tire with the air pump from the car…


Dave: Oh hush you [laughing] you didn’t manage to get the tire filled yesterday even though you went to the little gas station to use their air.

Christy: Yeah yeah, but how was I to know the new inner tube was twisted? I just thought I was doing something wrong [grin]

Dave: Ok, so the car is charged enough to start now. [patting self down] keys, lunch, fork, wallet

Christy: Hat?

Dave: Yep

Christy: Coffee?

Dave: Yep

Christy: Flux Capacitor to go back a couple hours and not be late?

Dave: Oh, har dee har har

Christy: [cheesy grin]

Dave: BTW…today is Wednesday and you wrote Tuesday

Christy: Potato patato, I can’t use Wednesday it’s already officially another day.

Dave: What?

Christy: Guess what daaaaaaaay it is? [sounding like commercial]

Dave: I have no clue

Christy: It’s Hump Daaaaaaaaay

Dave: [facepalm]


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