Fathers Day Commercials

If you compare Father’s Day Commercials to Mother’s Day commercials you find that they suggest that Dad get something like a drill or a lawnmower or some other thing that would send him out into the workshop, the yard, or the garage to do some kind of project that ends up being for someone else. In the outdoors, in the heat of summer of course, which is in Florida in my case …where it feels like I’m standing on the lip of an active volcano even on one of the cooler days.

Mother’s Day is all about chocolate and diamonds and ya know, it’s like Valentine’s Day all over again.

This has got to be sexist or something, against who I’m not sure but maybe we Dad’s of the world should protest that we want a boxes of chocolates too!

I’m not opposed to the idea of getting tools (who would be really, even my wife shops Harbor Freight for herself) but how about some more options? You don’t see any commercials for fancy edible bouquets for dudes but I’m here to tell you that nothing says “I love you” like something to eat!

Thankfully my wife knows I prefer fruit and/or chocolates, she knows because I end up eating half of her box of chocolates on Mother’s Day. Just wish she’d get me a pineapple I don’t have to cut up myself for a change but she says I need something to use my power tools on.



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