Financially Challenged People Problems

So, we’re not rich, nor honestly do we want to be.  Comfortable would be nice but until that day we have to save a buck when we can even when we’re having a splurge. Which means taking advantage of free shipping when at all possible.  Not that I’m complaining about saving like $10 on something but still, it gets annoying when your kid uses your tablet (which was a gift) and so when you go to use it the battery is drained and it takes forever to charge because you had to Jerry Rig a magnetic charger out of a phone charger that you stripped the mini usb bit off the end of to use because the usb on your tablet won’t charge for anything because it broke and you can’t afford to get that fixed either :-/ [ack!]


What’s the problem though? Once a year we have a little bit of extra cash to fix or replace things.  Oh sure I could try to save money throughout the year but our grocery budget is the only thing we can tap into to save from and honestly it’s not easy to feed a family of 4 for $100 a week as it is so that’s a no go.  So with the tiny tax return that we got we splurged on new tires for the car(which were desperately needed since the front drivers side one was starting to separate) for $226 out the door which is awesome because now the car wants to stop better than before [woohoo!] We got a new dishwasher that was used but hadn’t been used for $65 plus the cost of a fitting and renting the uhaul trailer to get it here (yes, the Geo can pull the tiny trailer), I got a new container of protein powder for our smoothies (we usually use half a scoop so it lasts a long time), I finally was able to replace Dave’s cell phone and if you’re looking for a good one the Moto G from Republic Wireless rocks at $149 with a $25 a month plan that hasn’t failed us yet, and I decided to get kiddo a new tablet because the one she had previously (which had also been a gift)  got stepped on by accident (I fell asleep reading on the kindle app and it fell off the bed where I stepped on it first thing in the morning…not my best moment as a mother, LOL)

The new tablet is still in holding though.  Usually when I order from Amazon (things that they’re fulfilling) and take advantage of their free shipping it’s like 3 days before they pack up the item and maybe another day before they ship it and then a couple days to get here.  NOT THIS TIME. It is day 6 and it still hasn’t shipped. I wanted to pay for shipping but at the end of the day this was the splurge and that $10 in shipping and handling is nearly a tank of gas in our little car ya know?

So, what’s the point?  Yeah, I’ll admit it, I’m just complaining about slow people… with only a half cup of coffee in me on a morning that I woke up at 6am for some ungodly reason.

…the compost tea bags?  Well, that’s for the garden isn’t it? I transplanted the purple green beans because they were looking a bit peckish.


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