Should Have Known-Monday

Christy: You should have known [laughing]

Dave: Known what?

Christy: That your car was gonna mess up

Dave:No, not necessarily [shrug] I already had a crappy day at work so I thought I was good

Christy: What happened at work?

Dave: It was 103 degrees what else needed to happen?

Christy: Well that was obviously not enough since you had such a good day yesterday [cackling]

Dave: Oh har har… I thought it was

Christy: So what happened?

Dave: I was on 295 and was getting up to speed when I heard a loud pop and thought something was wrong with tire at first but then I was like, hmm, I just got new tires it can’t be that and then it just started losing power.

Christy: Well, least it wasn’t a tire flying off this time, good thing we got those new ones when we did.

Dave: True. So I got out to check them anyway just to be sure, didn’t see anything obvious so I  popped the hood and save distributor cap wire laying there and said “oh crap” and I called my very helpful wife [grin]

Christy: So he calls me and he’s like…

Dave: “babe, you’re not going to believe where I am!”

Christy: And I was thinking (not here where you’re supposed to be) with our luck seeing what time you’re calling (right after work) you must be broke down.

Dave: “bingo!”

Christy: Yep.

So I asked where he was and of course he got San Juan and San Jose mixed up but I knew that 295 wasn’t next to San Juan at all but he was sans working wheels (sorry I couldn’t resist, lol) so I needed to get my tushie over there with the part he needed.  I called Rachel for a quick ride to Dave’s latest Geo breakdown and she was like “ok, but you’re making me dinner”


So I bellowed for Bellatrix who’d been gaming in the other room at this point, to get changed (we’d been out watering the garden so she had her suit on to run through the water) and I called AutoZone up the street to see if they had the part David had requested. Of course they had one part but not the plug thingie I needed to get too (which of course only comes in a set) and the guy said I needed this other such and such part too because they always break at the same time? Yeah ok, but it turns out they don’t have them but the store on this other part of town did.

Of course 🙂

So after asking the guy pretty please to call the other store for me and reserve the parts we needed since at this point Rachel was walking in the front door and I could get out the door and be almost there in the time it took me to call myself and re-explain my parts needs, he’s like. “Sure, what’s the last name?”

Omgosh, I know this comedy routine right here so I just spelled it out.  Ghantt.

“Gnat? Ant?” said the guy.

And here I’m thinking that’s a better response than Gah-New which I’d gotten once. Set him straight on pronunciation and was walking out the door when the phone rang again and it was Dave.

“It’s me again Margaret” is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the caller id, lol.

Dave: I managed to scrape some stuff off a wire and made it to the Walmart on San Jose!”

Fab, it will be easy to find him then, not that it would have been too difficult to spot a broken down Geo on an exit ramp but not so safe for anyone to be fixing a car with other cars whizzing by eh?

So off to AutoZone we go and sure enough the parts are waiting for us when I get in there and I’m back out the door and zipping up the road on the way to 295 in no time.  Rachel had let me drive because she was dealing with some phone calls about a house and we’re just about at the end of Argyle when like everyone slowed down because of course there is a cop ahead driving like 5 miles UNDER the speed limit.  Of course he would be, I think to myself; I’m trying to get somewhere.

So after doing an “I think I can” chant and praising her little car for so valiantly attempting to pass another slow person on the up ramp as the car made a whizzing sound (I swear there’s a herd of hamsters under her hood that hate me now), and getting over the Buckman and having the green light at the bottom so that I could easily get over like 4 lanes to the left so I could turn into Wally World. We’re there!


Not my favorite store my any means in fact I don’t shop there with the exception of when we had the disagreement about the ball hitch being $2 more at another store that I was completely willing to pay to avoid the lines and apathy at the Wally up the road from us the day we got our new dishwasher…. but I will say they were handy when Dave needed a parking spot and a tool to fix the car because the one he told me to bring wasn’t going to do it.


So we get there and the screwdriver David told me to bring wasn’t going to cut it because it’s got wings on it. I could have brought the correct screwdriver and avoided spending more money ya know? I’d already dished out over $50 in parts eh? [not happy face]

Not the right tool 🙁

So while David is in the store getting the correct tool to put the new part in a guy on a scooter stops to ask if we need any assistance seeing as it was 2 chicks and a kid next to a car with the hood up and all. Nice of him,so I showed him the screw driver that would have worked if it wasn’t for the wings and we all had a chuckle.

Dave: Oh har dee har har, I was just thinking I needed a shorter screwdriver than the normal one, completely forgot about the blasted wings on it.

Christy: [grinning] What did you do while we were having our adventure to get to you anyway?

Dave: Played solitaire on the phone and putzed around on Facebook, you know [shrug] basically I just hung out.

So into the store Dave goes and gets the right screwdriver and is fixing the car when our next good samaritan shows up 🙂

Good Samaritan!- who it turns out had a slew of tools, lol, just our luck Dave had already gone inside to get what he needed and was now looking at the photo on his phone of how he took the bad part out of the car so he could put the new one in correctly.

Dave: So we’re finally on our way home after changing out two parts and discovering the 3rd Christy was sold would not fit our car at all.

Christy: Yeah I returned that wrong part yesterday and the guy behind the counter was scratching his head because it wasn’t even the one I’d paid for, lol. Turns out the call put in to hold the items we needed was what the other guy rang up the order total from not the actual parts he pulled from the shelf.

Dave: So we’re on the way home and see lightning in the distance and I’m chanting in my head “gotta go, gotta go, don’t have an up win-dooow”

Christy: And we pulled into the driveway just as the raindrops started to fall.  🙂 And thus ended our adventure.

Dave: I should have seen it coming since Father’s Day was so relaxing.

Christy: Yep. lol.



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