Writing and Typewriters

Ok, I admit there is finally something I “want” which is kinda unusual for me because there are few things I’ve actually ever really really wanted just for wantings sake.  Yeah, I want coffee but like there is no real desire there beyond wanting to wake up or just sip something yummy, you know?  But I want one of those old typewriters like you can kinda see in the picture below, lol.  I wonder if there is a way to hook one up to the pc or if there is a keyboard version available?

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having this whole set up to be honest, lol.

I blame it on my writing.

You know, it’s been years since I’ve attempted a fiction book. I have a kind of autobiography I’m almost done with that I really need to get on this week but really need to get this new idea I have written down, so now that one is on the side burner. I was going to just write my new story as a “this is what” change the names and places to protect the innocent or not so innocent and slap it in fiction but then I had the idea of merging it with another idea I’ve had flittering around my head for the past few years and so 4 chapters in I had to go back to the beginning and sure enough the two ideas merged beautifully. But now it’s turned into a fiction that’s like a comedic drama? Still going strong but I’ve realized I’m like the queen of run on sentences.

Anyway, here’s a snippet teaser….

……could only smell freakin potato salad despite having cake shoved up my nose”.

“This, whatever it is, I can’t tell because it’s kinda squished looking here smells absolutely fabulous you know?” he said as he looked up only to see my incredulous expression. “Hey, at least the woman could cook!”


btw, just before I hit publish on this I googled “typewriter keyboard” and sure a freakin nuf they’ve done it! LOL 😀 go look over at http://www.usbtypewriter.com/


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