It finally happened but it wasn’t that great

Dave, the ever hard working man who isn’t a manual labor but rather a Heavy Equipment Operator who is in his mid 40’s so he’s responsible and not a hot headed youth….has earned $11 an hour 6 days a week but with little overtime (the job keeps getting rained out or there is a holiday weekend which means no chance of working on Saturday) way past his first 90 days.

Now mind you, he lost his original job last year due to a (not so) comedy of errors. As most folks know he was requested to be on hand for questions and such for the movie that is coming out.  Seeing as they’re using his name he thought he should go.  He arranged it with his boss at his old job to be away for that time with no issue, the problem was that when he came back the guy was gone and so was Dave’s job.

Life sucked big time because on top of losing his job we also lost his mother which also incurred costs that delved into the savings we had.  It took him months to find another job, he wasn’t sitting around scratching his behind either, he was desperately looking for work being the man of action that he is and it was only due to his friend Willie calling and asking if he was busy that he found his current position at … you know I’m not going to put their name here either.

Now these folks seem nice enough and he was desperate for a job because (and I don’t give a rat’s butt if this is politically correct or not) he believes in supporting the family.  Unfortunately because of our immediate need of cash before we ended up homeless (we’d just dished out the last of what we had to groceries) Dave took the job at $11 and said thank you.

This is where I understand people desiring a living wage.  I can completely understand a company initially hiring a person on at a lower wage to make sure that a new hire is a good fit with the company for the first 90 days before giving them what they’re actually worth based on what they do.

Make no mistake in thinking his job isn’t dangerous, it is, it’s a frickin giant Tonka truck that he’s driving around every day ya? And that is where I am angry for my husband. If you didn’t get that Tonka truck reference let me show you the photos of what he does…

On the inside of the bulldozer looking out at break time.
Oh look, more dirt! lol

Can you honestly say that a person driving a dang bulldozer or front end loader should make anything less than $14? I mean seriously? It’s a specialized skill set even if you don’t have a fancy license and all kinds of bad things can happen while doing it.

Those vehicles can tip right over and into a pond due to loose dirt as one of the guys he works with can attest to. Thankfully the guy was able to unstrap himself in time even though he was underwater and swam clear of his machine…he could have drowned.

But I digress, he finally got a raise which is good news and maybe now we can afford a new side window for his car yeah?  That’s right, now he’s making $13 an hour.

Don’t think for one moment that we aren’t grateful for this bounty because we are, but I honestly think it’s completely wrong of a company to pay him what a new hire laborer earns- for 7 months mind you-and only then give a raise to what he should have been earning in his first 90 days seeing he’s the guy behind the wheel not the guy with a hand shovel.

Just sayin… Do the math.

Oh, and if you’re his current employer and you see this you should know Dave doesn’t know I’m writing this and you should just be grateful that I’m simply not the kind of petty person that would name you so that your shameful pay could be aired worldwide.  I do think you’ve done wrong by my husband though, he’s there every day early except when his car wouldn’t start that one time and has only asked to get off early twice which was once for our older daughter’s graduation and once to get an eye exam; you should reward dedication and hard work not take advantage of it.

It’s a sad state of affairs when there are some people taking someone’s food order all day earning what my husband does and in a much nicer air conditioned environment with less risk.

That is all.


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