Mushroom Adventures

Dave: As some of you already know we would like nothing more than to move a bit further north than Florida and begin a new and more fulfilling chapter in our lives.

Christy: It’s not that we don’t like Florida because we both really love it.

Dave: It’s that I’m constantly sunburnt even with sunscreen, lol.

Christy: And I can’t even leave the house most days because having hot flashes in the middle of a 90+ degree day is just miserable.

So, moving is in the best interest of our health and since we’re desiring a move we decided to start a business that is easily sustainable and tasty.

Dave: Mushrooms!

Christy: Yep, not only will we grow our own gourmet mushrooms…

Dave: I will get to be out and about and do some mushroom hunting, maybe go to a few mushroom meet and greets.

Christy: And where we’re looking to move is quite close to a ton of foodies.

Dave: Ahhh, the sound of customers, tis lovely.

Christy: So stay tuned to keep updated on what we’re up to

Dave: Livin the Mushroom Life [waggling eyebrows]

Christy: [facepalm]

Dave: Are you going to mention the Shiitake log we’ve got going?

Christy: Oh yeah! Grab the pic so I can put that here to document your first attempt.


Got a kit to give growing the Shittake a test run.
Got a kit to give growing the Shittake a test run.

Christy: That mycelium is already starting to do it’s thing 🙂

Dave: Yeah, it’s only be a couple days too, we’ll make sure we post photos once it has fruited.

Christy: Ta for now!



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