Weird Vegetables

I’ll admit that much to Dave’s chagrin I am into trying new veggies that aren’t the standard fare.  As long as I avoid broccoli he will usually eat his veggies though so kudo’s for that I suppose, lol. Recently we had some Chinese Eggplant which I fried up in tempura because hey, tempura makes everything better ya?

Of course I didn’t stop there, our little veg stand up the road had Purple Peruvian Potatoes (say that 3 times real fast) The purple potatoes seem to hold up well and are more of the waxy vein of potatoes, yesterday we had potato salad with a combination of purple, red skinned, and yukon gold potatoes which was just such a visual delight that I am definitely going to do that combo again. In fact for lunch today I had potato salad and some coleslaw that I had whipped up for tonight bbq beef minis (basically beef bbq on those sweet hawaiian rolls) Yummmmm.

But my obsession with different foods just does not end there, oh no, we are currently growing some Chinese Red Noodle Beans too in fact here is a photo… of our 1 bean!


Last year I grew kohlrabi, they’re actually pretty darn yummy as long as you make sure you’ve really really got the woody outside peeled off trust me you’ll know if you didn’t do it right and will be very disappointed in yourself and will never make that mistake again!  I will in fact be planting some more Kohlrabi here this weekend, I just need more soil first to fill out a raised box I’d emptied. I’m also going to be replanting the Italian Blend Salad though they didn’t have it prepackaged that I’ve seen this year so I might have to make my own blend.

So did I have a point?  Honestly yes, when I began this blog entry I did in fact have a point but it’s been a long day of schooling, and there was rain and I kept getting distracted so I can’t even remember what my original idea from this morning was, so I’m just going to paste a neat tidbit below and say try something new you might like it.


Think you don’t like to eat your veggies? Maybe you’re just bored with the options. The truth is, the world is full of edible, healthy and flavorful roots, stems and leaves, the vast majority of which you’ve probably never tasted. In the spirit of culinary adventure, we hope this list will prompt you to titillate your palate with something new. Try replacing those carrots, potatoes, lettuce or celery with one of these exotic vegetables — that is, if you can find them. Oca Though this colorful root vegetable was originally cultivated in the Andes of South America, it is also sometimes called the “New Zealand yam” due to its popularity there after being introduced in the mid-1800s. Oca can be difficult to find in North America, but in many parts of South America it is second only to the potato in area planted. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium and iron. There are many different varieties of oca, so the flavors can vary. But in general, they are tangier and sweeter than

Source: Weird Vegetables You’ve Probably Never Heard Of | World Truth.TV


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