Oh Dark 30

I was up at 5:30 this morning. Yeah, it’s Saturday, yeah me huh? It’s six now, I just heard my clock chime and note that I need to change out the batteries because the song is worbbling a bit.

I am up because I am getting older unfortunately, I had to use the facilities and yes I might have gone back to bed but the allure of some time alone was so strong that crawling back into bed, a bed mind you that has a dip in it now and is absolutely wretched on my back was just not the choice that I made.

So of course Dee walked out there, lol. She and I don’t agree much lately because she is 18 and knows everything and because I’m 42 and haven’t had a damn personal day in over a year, combine that with my list of stuff that needs to be done or things I would love to do but just can’t seem to swing the time for and the disconnect betwixt us feels like I’m that lonely faded mountain in the background of a watercolor, just kinda there. Love her to bits but I’d love to have to swap places with her for a day and go to the beach with friends without a care in the world and let her deal with some of the crap that needs to be done around here that never quite seems to get done.

Naw, I’m not ranting it’s just been a rough week, it was work sample submission week for the youngest and of course the work sample school assignments that I did already have set aside and ready to go only awaiting her last piece disappeared from the desk so we had to start from scratch and of course it was like pulling teeth to get done. I lost an entire pile of PE logs, ACK! And if I hear one more comment about this lesson meets Florida Standards (yada yada yada) I’m going to facepalm, because my kid doesn’t care if it meets standards she just wants to get onto her lesson and she wants the teacher to move her into her breakout room when she is supposed to and not act like my kid touched some button that brought her back into the main room when she was actually across the kitchen getting a drink. Yeah, it’s been a rough week.  And that is the downside of home schooling, the teachers don’t know you until you go on a field trip and meet them which just so happens to be later this month when we go to visit the Oldest Wooden School House which should be quite fun 🙂

Then there was the Xbox power cord saga, oh yes. The charging cord wasn’t charging and disconnecting the controller, so I used my coupon and snagged a new to me one from Gamestop for $4.99 but of course when I get it home it won’t charge anything either but when I once again dragged myself to the game store they’d closed up before their closing time and I thought I was just going to cry at the injustice of the day because I was forced to get a cheap corded controller from Walmart, I hate shopping at Walmart, you have no idea how bad the service is at the one up the road from me.  Oh yes, there I was in Electronics with new controller in hand and the guy behind the register was checking out a couple of employees lunches and looked right at me and just let them continue their teasing conversation with each other and didn’t even say anything along the lines of ‘I’ll be right with you’ or even ‘hey guys I have a customer’ nope and then when the 3 minute convo was finished the two employees who did know I was there btw because the woman had glanced at me… just sneered at me. I absolutely hate going to Walmart. I wasn’t rude, I wasn’t tapping my foot, I wasn’t sighing, I was just fricking standing there like I was supposed to like a good little sheep waiting my turn and that’s the crap I get. I’m tempted to return the damn controller just so that company doesn’t have a bit of my money.

Not that the week has been all wonky, I did manage to get a bit of a new watercolor done even though the Canson watercolor paper is piling of all things, yes piling, you know, like a sweater does after you’ve worn the heck out of it all day? Ugh, and the new frame I’d purchased and set on the washer (my framing area, lol) mysteriously got a crack in the glass.

I’m over this week, I suppose I just need to make some time for myself, I can’t always be the person that has it all together which is something that any mother can understand and sympathise with [sigh] which is why I am up at Oh Dark 30 sneaking in a bit of alone time.


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