Secret to a GOOD Marriage

The secret to our success as a couple is quite honestly,  food, sex, and a little bit of quiet time.  We are best friends and my lovely wife and I leave each other alone.

I guess I need to explain that.  We do show each other plenty of affection and are frequently seen to be touching when near each other with a hand on an arm, a caressed cheek and a smile, I like to walk up behind her when she’s cooking to wrap her in a hug and at the same time get a peek and a closer wiff of what she’s cooking, etc. We tend to discuss things before we argue, when it comes to food we both enjoy basically the same types of food and despite not having a lot of money to purchase fancy ingredients we eat a wide variety of things because we are closet foodies, we enjoy time discussing a wide variety of topics whenever the mood strikes but usually right before sleep,  and most importantly we give each other space and time to do our own thing.

Christy likes to paint, sew, crochet, knit and a whole slew of other hobbies in addition to writing and gaming so when she’s doing her thing, usually in the evenings after dinner unless she’s having a painting day with her friend Rachel like yesterday, then I leave her be to have that time to express herself. When I’m gaming, man crafting, working on the car, etc. she generally leaves me alone unless something comes up that is important.

And folks, that’s the secret to a good marriage. We are a couple but we are also just Dave and Christy.



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