Bemused at Joanns

So, today was the big day, I had a 60% off any regular priced item coupon for Joann’s, my goal 1 bottle of masking fluid for my watercolors: regular price $14.99.

With a pinched lower back, an all around feel of blah, and a major case of pms to boot (maybe it’s one of ‘those’ days?)  my SIL Nancy, my youngest Bellatrix and I go forth to grab my friend Rachel to take advantage of the coupon we all have.

The fluid of course was already on sale at a not so whopping 25% off and so they wouldn’t let me use the coupon I told them they could keep the fluid I didn’t want it that badly, it’s the principle of the matter you know? It just gets wiped off in the end and with a little care most of my paintings can be done without it.

But that’s not why I’m writing, nope. You see whilst I was there feeling gnarly and frumping about in my favorite flannel shirt that used to be my grandfathers that is a genuine vintage Sears and Roebuck (thank you very much ;-), wearing a snazzy orange headband courtesy of my youngest daughter, and white socks (it was cold!) with the only pair of shoes I could find today which happened to be striped mary jane style flats because the sole on my sketchers sneakers decided to part from whence it belonged (nope I was NOT dressed to impress, lol) I ran across an anomaly in Joanns. Now I told you what I was wearing to set up the scene so to speak and so now I shall continue.

There were two obviously very very well to do women looking at yarn.

Now I have absolutely nothing against anyone in any class and firmly believe that anyone who has money has either worked for it long and hard themselves or their family had at some point in the past and good on them and really it’s none of my damn business what they do with it (which is incidentally why I am NOT a liberal…but I’m not a conservative either sooooo…HA) I guess having the benefit of being raised by parents and assorted family members of differing socio economic standing was a very lucky thing for me because I can flitter hence and yon when I need/want to. I’m only telling you this so that you understand that I am pretty good at pegging people thanks to my upbringing.

So, these two women seemed so out of their depth in the yarn department like it was (perhaps?) their first foray into an actual craft store with the way they were gazing at the various yarny goodness in wonder, ya know? They of course they were looking for a deal because, duh, you don’t stay well off if you spend money like water so it’s a bit ingrained into the intelligent people all across the board to look for a bargain, lol.

Now,  since I’m all about sharing the love that is yarn I looked at the one blonde and said, “You know, if you really want a better quality yarn with a wider variety of fibers to choose from than you’ll find here you’ll need to check out Ice Yarns online.”

And here is the moment where I wanted to laugh out loud because she was one of those people who was obviously having an issue pegging me after I shared superior knowledge with clear articulation and yet there I was clad in plaid and stripes with jeans. [grin]

She blinked at me in an owlish manner as her mind obviously attempted to mesh things that in some people tend to be polar opposites and then began to speak to me very slowly as if my iq was under 120 [laughsnort] it had to have been the orange headband with sparkles that made her brain take that route, it was rather obnoxious.

Anyway, after a brief conversation about quality and comparative pricing and that yes,  all the ladies I know who enjoy doing charity knitting and crochet enjoy shopping Ice even with the seemingly overinflated shipping charges as in the end the truly savvy end up paying the equivalent of $1.25 per skein in the off season for fine wool blends, she wrote down the info and just kind of strolled away… still with a puzzled look on her face.

Gosh I love being the square peg some days! I am officially amused at the bemused. I hope I didn’t break her.


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