La historia de – zwei Sprachen

Bellatrix und ich habe beschlossen wir, zwei Sprachen lernen wollen.

And so this post “The Tale of Two Languages” (the title is of course in two languages because hey, why not? lol)

We have gone back and forth on which one to learn first since we really want to be able to converse with someone whenever we like for a bit of immersion (even if our pronunciation and accents are a bit off, lol) thus why we decided to do this together,  and I decided the other day to give Mondly a try for German since an older less interactive program I had (while interesting) just wasn’t really to our learning style.  The funny thing was I wanted to learn to read some knitting patterns I saw online and that’s why I want to learn German, lol.

Bellatrix tried the game style learning on my tablet and thought it was fun but we’re hoping to also be able to speak Spanish. We were not sure about learning more than one language at a time,  so off to google I went and according to Luca Lampariello over at The Polyglot Dream it can be done! However he’s got some guidelines to help out.

  1. Choose a max of two languages
  2. Choose two languages that are distinct from each other
  3. Pick an ‘easy’ language and a more difficult one.
  4. Budget your time so the harder one gets more of your time in a 70/30 (or so) ratio
  5. Study both every day

Creo que podemos aprender dos, ¿no? I mean seriously German and Spanish are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum in the way they sound, lol.


grün-verde- green



At any rate we also have what he says are the necessary conditions for learning, which are time and a daily plan.  More importantly we know of people who speak Spanish and we can watch our crafting videos on youtube for German until we can find someone to chat with, so with a bit of work I believe we can at least be able to follow a conversation even if we do not become completely fluent.

Anyway, we are going to give it a try. Wish us glück 😀 


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