2:30 AM?

Why am I up past 2:30 in the morning? I’m up because inspiration strikes when it darn well feels like it and I had an idea percolating most of the night regarding the Camera Lucida. Basically an easy way to get an image you want reflected/shone onto your canvas so one can sketch an outline even if one can’t draw. You can see the blog post Tuesday at Ghantt.com which is my artist site.

Artist site?  Why yes, I’m building a site for people to paint along with me.  My goal is to have it up and running by April, that gives me a bit over a month to get everything finished. I’ll have a “Painting of the Month” that everyone can do, a “Series of the Month” one per week, and if I can get everything situated I’ll have live paint-a-longs, because painting “classes” are fun, lol.

Anyway, I got the article I wanted to do written complete with photo references and so I swang over here because I’m only a bit tired [sigh] and there goes the clock chiming out the hour and I do believe I’m going to attempt to go back to sleep now.



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