You know…. well, I can’t say you actually do know, so let me tell you. Going out to dinner is a pretty big thing for us that happens only twice per year on our own dime if we are lucky. You see, the amount we spent last night because we love our child is more than I usually spend in a week on groceries because we are budgeted to the teeth. Yes, you can make three good and healthy meals from a single chicken btw.

Yesterday was our youngest daughter’s 9th birthday which we thought was pretty darn important and warranted a trip out to dinner seeing as we aren’t having a party for her with burgers and cake this year as two of her best friends just moved away.

So what’s my issue? I don’t mind so much that I had to pay for kiddo’s molten lava cake, even though any other place we’ve been to over the years would have comped it, but no, I understand you might need to cut corners to save a dime  (which might explain why my ‘cooked’ broccoli was still raw and would have been better with just some ranch dressing and why you charged $2.59 for an iced tea…kudos on the 6 oz sirloin though that was the best steak I’ve had in years and really appreciated it)

Now, I didn’t mention this last night while at your restaurant because I didn’t want to ruin my daughters birthday celebration by calling you out on this, but I just cannot fathom the thing that completely flabbergasted me beyond anything that has occurred recently and that tidbit is that

You charged $1.99 for Table Entertainment

What is wrong with you? I mean seriously?

You snuck that in there like a thief in the night.

Be glad that I googled the “Table Entertain” charge before I posted this because at first I thought you’d charged to sing happy birthday since I could not fathom that the stupid kiosk that was smacked down in front of us to look at desserts and such with a simple “games” option would be the culprit.

I wouldn’t have minded if I had been informed, seeing as it was kiddo’s birthday and all. 

Might I suggest you make it policy to have the hostess seating people say something like, “Enjoy the table side tablet while while waiting for your server to take your drink order, if you wish to access games or applications on it the charge is only ‘X’ dollars”

If you're wondering why the tip isn't on here, my oldest daughter tipped cash to the delightful server we had.
Right there plain as day, Table Entertain. If you’re wondering why the tip isn’t on here, my oldest daughter tipped cash to the delightful server we had since we all know cash in hand is better than anything else when you need gas on the way home from work, lol.

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