WTH Does it Matter What Someone’s Race is on a Form?

You know what? I’m not a migratory bird, neither are people. Though people since the dawn of time have migrated. That’s not my point though.

I just finished filling out my kids reregistration for her school for next year and of course there was a race checkbox on there. Why The Heck does it matter what race a child is to go to school?  I mean can someone actually explain that? Is it so that ‘they’ (whoever they are) can have statistics and numbers to fiddle (for whatever reason)  with which are actually completely wrong because most of us can’t even properly fill in these boxes because we’re a huge mix of races all packed into one fabulous person?  (Ha, put that in your calculator and compute it!) I just want to say it’s messed up, there are only a few options in the US that you generally get to choose from Native/Pacific Islander, Black, White, and Hispanic.

I’ve been filling these things out for years, for jobs, for apartments, for school, for a driver’s license, at doctors, frickin everywhere.

Honestly, it’s crazy, my skin tone in fact is the exact same shade as the sweet Asian lady who if she was magical would have been placed in Slytherin at Hogwarts since she conned me into trying Kale (yuck) on one of my trips to her shop, the exact same shade as one of my friends who is Puerto Rican, the exact same shade as my friend Tanya from elementary who’s father was a tribal leader in Africa, heck it’s nearly the exact same shade as my part Italian mother.

You know, if they want statistics how about they just offer free Ancestry Tests?  I’d be down for that considering they’re so spendy out of pocket and then the people computing would have accurate data and maybe just maybe I might get some genetic answers to some foodie things I’ve pondered my whole life

  1. Why do I like Italian pasta sauce but don’t love the pasta itself unless it’s in Asian cooking?
  2. Why do I prefer potatoes to noodles?
  3. Why do I love bread and just about any squash and end up feeling healthier when eating those things?
  4. Why do I find Brie disgusting but love Queso and Sharp Irish Cheddar cheese?
  5. Why did I find rice gross with butter or sweets on it as a child but can’t get enough of it with soy sauce?
  6. Why on a lazy cook night do I automatically grab cheese, crackers, salami, and a glass of dry red? I can honestly tell you these were not things found in my house growing up.

Yeah, can you tell I’m hungry at the moment? LOL

I’m just saying, if they’re going to shove people into boxes for statistical measurements they need to make sure the boxes are correct because times have changed, people are more than one ancestry. My nephew is considered black because his mother is of African descent even though his father (my half brother who shares the same mother, not my half brother who shares the same father) is the stereotypical image of white due to his Irish fathers genetics being so strong when he was forming in Mom’s womb.

I mean seriously, if you want to get technical get it right ya? Ok, let me put it like this, one of my great grandfathers immigrated here from Sicily near a hundred years ago (I use him as an example because I’ve seen his birth certificate from Palermo so his path isn’t so muddled like some of my other ancestors) and he most likely had one or more ancestors that were what we now consider Tunisian, Italian, Greek, Arab, Germanic, and whomever else tried to take the island over or traded there.

It just doesn’t make sense [shaking head] I mean I can kinda understand wanting race information if you’re a doctor, there are some diseases that are more genetically prominent depending on where your ancestors came from, but that’s about the only place I can think that this kind of information is actually useful beyond some researcher studying the movement of people since the beginning of recorded time.

Dude, kids are kids, what matters is that they are taught to read, write, think critically, do math, learn how to interact respectfully with other folks, and someday grow up and  transform the world with their ideas.  I guarantee you their ancestors will have nothing to do with squat when one of them eradicates the common cold, finds a way to grow crops on large scales without bugs minus pesticides, or is the first to colonize another planet. And do you know what?

On that day when the very first person sets up a colony on another planet they will be considered nothing more than…


because yeah, we may come in different shades and with different genetic markers but that’s all we really are even if the path to what makes us ‘us’ is an interesting historical read.