Never Again- Hostess Cupcakes

That’s right folks, never again…never again will I purchase Hostess.  You see I purchased a box a few weeks ago as I tend to do occasionally, personally my favorite Hostess product is actually Ho Ho’s because, well, nostalgia and I think they taste better than their competitors Swiss Cake Rolls; however I do get the Orange cupcakes every so often.

Now the box I purchased had a ‘best used by’ date of August 25th, so kiddo and I each took one but I didn’t like the taste as they must have done something with the recipe because it tasted like plastic to me but kiddo seemed pleased so we put the rest up for later.  This morning kiddo wondered if she could have one so we took the box out and went to grab one and I just about threw up looking at the remaining 6 cupcakes in there.


Yes, that is frickin mold.  I have never in my life seen a Hostess product go bad even if it was a month past their ‘best used by’ date, get stale yes but grow it’s own fur coat? NO.  Never, ever, ever have I seen this and I’m in my 40’s [shaking head] Which tells me there are less preservatives in there which is pretty awesome in my book, but even so, between the bad plastic flavor I experienced and going bad so quickly, well, they went into the trash and I won’t be purchasing Hostess products anymore.

Don’t let that stop you from doing your thing but in my opinion it might be wise to freeze them or stick them in the fridge or something so they don’t go bad so quickly. Yuck.

Here is a link to Homemade Cream Filled Cupcakes if you’re interested in making your own

the secret it seems is Marshmallow Fluff 🙂


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