So…different wheels for me (Christy) because I needed one to cart kiddo around for tests and stuff that are coming up, managed to drive it to Jax from Dad’s in the Orlando area. Like a boss man, it was fine except the one tire seemed to get low and it felt like it really really needed an alignment.

Had to get the stems for the tires replaced right off, turns out they were dry rotted.  But still, the car smells good, looks good except for the one ding it came with and the AC worked which is the most important thing for us eh? lol.

The car now has a name though and it’s

  • Murf (in honor of Murphy who it seems to also be the co-pilot in this set of wheels)
  • Hades (the person we musta ticked off in some way because he shoved Murphy out of the Styx and attached him to us)
  • Bends (because it’s bending our dang pocket book and I really really need to be able to get kiddo to testing)

Yeah, Yep, uh Huh!It’s also a bit of a play on words because this car unlike “The Red Dragon Geo of Oil Sucking” (from the Murphy Car Saga) is pretty cute overall, almost fancy 😉 lol.

Sooooooo, I went up to the tire place to get an alignment….

Repair list because it isn’t an alignment that we really need-

LF Tie Rod
L& R Front control arms
Front Struts both sides
2 front tires…

SO frickin THRILLED.


Update: Dave’s been tinkering so far the worst of it is fixed, the shot RF control arm is fixed and the tires have been replaced, next up FL control and LF tie rod.


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