Used Work Pants

No, not pants as in underpants, lol, I mean pants as is jeans and other assorted work pants.

So it all started with Mike Rowe posting about some broken in pants that I shared earlier on our Facebook Page (click here to like the page and keep up if you haven’t already posts from here will be shared there for convenience just make sure you also click follow after you like the page or you might not get it in your feed)

Here’s what I shared..

Click The Pic to go to Mike Rowe’s post

Of course I posted it because that’s funny no matter who you are, and then Dave had lunch and was checking his FB page so of course contacted me and hilarity happened!



And this my friends is the absolutely why our relationship works, we’re friends and we laugh…a lot, because┬áhonestly with the way that life throws weird stuff at us we take our giggles where we can get them ­čśë


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