Christy’s 10 Commandments (+1)

Yeah, this one had to go into the Mom’s Not so Safe Space category, lol. Sometimes you feel like you’re getting burnt out and you’ve been thinking all these things and so I finally made a list.
(Christy’s) 10 Commandments (+1) of Summer
(and visiting)
1. There can be only One (b**ch/Alpha Female/Glue of the family etc. in this house) I AM that One.
2. My word is law in my home (unless Dave’s at home also in which case we discuss and implement policy)
3. Thou shall not leave food in any form (open or closed) laying about anywhere, that’s what cabinets and the fridge are for. Also, you will not leave leftovers you ‘saved for later’ for over a week in the fridge, that’s gross.
4. Thou shall not leave plates, cutlery, napkins, or anything else on the kitchen counters, clean up after yourself (unless you’re under 5 in which case I will help you but even a 5 year old knows where the trash can is and how to use it).
5. Thou shall not wear the same clothing to sleep in that you’ve been wearing all day nor shall you continue to wear that clothing that you’ve slept in the next day. (especially if you’re sick, because, yuck, germs!)
6. Thou shall not forget to bathe at the very least every other day…every day if you’re active.
7. Thou shall not eat the most minuscule amount of the nutritious meals that I make for everyone (rave about it) and then act like you’re starving…I take making sure people in my house are fed properly pretty darn seriously.
8. Thou shall not eat candy or junk food whenever the mood strikes and then offer it to others without parental permissions, there is no nutritional value and it doesn’t do a body good. (see also #7)
9. Thy world is shaped by thine own actions, ergo if you do not like your world you need to take the steps to change it rather than waiting for something to happen.
10. Thou shall not wag thy tongue, make drama, or otherwise be a nuisance.  
11. Thou shall acknowledge I am not here for your entertainment; so if I have a headset on and I’m sitting at my computer it means I’m learning something, working, or attempting to meditate away from the crazy for a few minutes.  Only bother me if I am the solution to an actual problem.

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