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Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me today but I’ll try to remember it for Monday when I go in so you can see our Killdeer nest.  For now here’s a picture of a Killdeer from Pixabay.

The kind of little lady we saw today warning us away from her nest. Click the photo to go to the exact pixabay page for this photo.

So, we working some land for housing pads on our current project and while clearing some of the ground earlier today there was this little bird who saw our huge bulldozers coming and started dancing around trying to make herself look big and scary.  I stopped, and my boss was like, “What did you stop for?” to which I replied “There’s a nest”  So he got off his machine and went to look and that little Mama bird did her dance again and jumped up at his face as he leaned down.

He jumped back and laughed, looked at the crew and said,  “I’m not going to mess with this bird and I’m not going to destroy this nest, how about y’all?” I was like, “How would you feel if someone drove a bulldozer through your house?”

What we did was use a scientific approach (basically we tested her boundaries by stepping from various sides) to find the area intruded upon that made her excited and simply worked around that area. So, now there is basically a 30 foot circle-ish shape around this little lady and her eggs so that they won’t be disturbed.

Not all land clearing is destructive, our company really works within the bound of wildlife everywhere we can while still getting the job done; we have had jobs delayed for months because of Eagles, rare tortoises, and sea turtle season because the nighttime lights might have messed with egg laying and then of course we had to work around their breeding grounds.  We all work as carefully as we can to do the job that we need to while still being respectful to the wonders of Nature, I count myself lucky to see so many wonderful things that most people don’t get out to see.

The rest of the story is that area that the brave little Killdeer is in will not be touched for months which will give her babies plenty of time to grow up and leave the nest.  Instead of starting on that end of our project we’ll just start on the other end and hopefully I’ll get some great photos to share with you all because my old camera actually has a decent zoom.


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