Good Sale, Good Food

Christy: Tentative dinner menu for 7 days because feeding 4 (yes his sister is still here at the moment) and eating inexpensively does not mean eating crap…

Friday– Seafood ?(Sea Best Signature Entrée or shrimp BOGO at #publix til the 17th) Perhaps Quick and easy Paella?  #leftoversforlunch

Saturday– Fried Noodles with shredded pork (Barilla noodles are BOGO so I’ll make it work with spaghetti noodles) #leftoversforlunch

Sunday– French Onion Soup (Cobblestone Bread is BOGO at publix) Maybe Pepperidge Farm Layer Cake for desert since they’re also BOGO

Monday– Ham and Penne (Frick’s Ham Steak BOGO at publix til the 17th and other Barilla noodle that was BOGO )  #leftoversforlunch

Tuesday-Chicken Cobb Salad with Avocado (get whole chicken to cook and use half for this and that other BOGO cake because hey, we had salad!)

Wednesday– Chicken Pot Pie (use rest of chicken and sneak green veg in…maybe Dave won’t notice)

Dave: I’ll notice


Christy: Seriously? LOL.  Pick out the green beans then 😉

Thursday– Blackened Fish with Gouda Cheese Sauce and Garlic Smashed Potatoes

Christy: Total for supplies for this week $92.56.  I do still need to get milk though, and Earl Grey which I still can’t believe I forgot to get for kiddo’s breakfast.

Dave: Completely worth it especially since a few of those days will give me leftovers to take to work that are much more appealing (barring the green beans) than what my buddy’s wife had him eating the other day.

Christy: What did she make? [grin]

Dave: Some kind of tofu burger because they’re doing some kind of vegetable only cleanse diet while she’s preparing to attend a reunion of some kind.

Christy: Maybe you could sneak him a couple strips of bacon for that burger?

Dave: [snort] I’m a guy, so I think it’s hilarious that he agreed to support his wife and then kinda pouted over the tofu; thus I’m not sharing bacon… he can sneak his own.

Christy: Don’t worry honey, I’ll never ask you to eat tofu burgers, not that I haven’t had tofu mind you I just prefer not to eat it; though I will say I do have plans to try the Easy Grillable Veggie Burgers recipe.

Dave: -_- Where’s the beef?

Christy: [grin] you know most people won’t get that reference right? You’re showing our age dearie.

Dave: [sigh] I’ll try the bean burgers.

Christy: 😀


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