Menu May 22-29

So, I finally have gotten around to making a menu for this week [grin] I got a bit busy over the weekend because kiddo was out camping with a friend so I took the opportunity to play Elder Scrolls Online, like, all weekend.  I just want to put out there that I liked the game when I Beta tested it early on but wasn’t that thrilled when it came out because it was…I dunno how to explain it really but it wasn’t ‘right’ so I tried it but then set it aside to play other games.  I finally forced myself through the first area and managed to get my hands on my preferred weapon (the bow) which has made the game much more fun.  So now that’s what I’ve been doing in the evenings.  And a big shout out to all the other gamers out there!

Anyway here’s the menu with some of the things I’d gotten BOGO last time with a few fill ins and the links to the new recipes I’m going to try 😀 The whole reason I’m posting these menus from now on is to highlight new things and show that if we can and do eat pretty darn well on a budget then so can you. Oh, and lemme say I make almost everything in my Nuwave oven now (those things are frickin awesome) except for soups, I still love my crockpot for making soup.

Monday (22nd)- Pulled Pork and something #leftoversforlunch

Tuesday- Slow-Cooker Zesty Black Bean Soup with ham (leftover ham bone from freezer)

Wednesday- Stuffed Scallops and veg (last week bogo items)

Thursday- Spaghetti and Meatballs(last week bogo item)

Friday- Cubed ham steak  (last week bogo item) for Creamy Ham and Potato Casserole 

Saturday- Ground Beef Pot Pie

Sunday- Pizza

Monday(29th)-  Sweet and Spicy Shrimp (last week bogo item)


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