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So, let me just put out there that I’m a gamer and hooray for me so is Dave!  I honestly couldn’t live without another gamer as a partner at this point ’cause I’m busy a couple hours a night short of the electricity being out.

I have been a gamer since I first played 52 pickup as a little kid but I’ve been a gamer in the way that most modern folks think (i.e. video gamer) since 8 bit.  Lovely stuff that.

So I am finally finally delving into the world of Elder Scrolls Online as my main game though I will be honest I’ll probably take a break after the next Assassins Creed comes out.  No I’m not playing the Morrowind addition to ESO I don’t have money for that kind of thing unless someone who forgot my birthday would like to gift it to me, lol. I also mostly likely won’t be playing the Creed Orgins game for like a year either for the same reason.

Anyway, so I finally finally joined a group dungeon on there that was gnarly last night, fun stuff to be had and it was in the process of once again getting knocked out with one swing from the 2nd to last big bad guy (I think) when we were all getting squished left, right, and center needing reviving that I decided that I did kinda like the Gamertag that xbox had assigned me when I first signed up that I hadn’t changed as of yet because I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be.

There was something special though about hearing my teammates using the first part of my gamertag because I do like to think I’m Ruthless to the bad guys…though I will say RuthlessSpice34 is lame as it get’s y’all and so I’ve been sitting here trying to figure something better out.

Your gamertag should in some way reflect you as a player or person is my theory, it at-a-glance gives someone an idea of what kind of gamer you are so they can decide if they want to group with you.

Ruthless appealed to be because I just don’t give up when the bad guys are coming hot and heavy and I’ll be the first to jump in where I can to heal someone about to go down seeing as I’m running heavy armor at the moment so the prefix of my tag is going to stay the same.

I first thought that maybe I could do RuthlessSpicedRum but it’s too many letters even though it appeals to my Assassins Creed Black Flag style of adventuring.

So I considered RuthlessSpice dropping the 34 but not only was that already taken it turns out Spice is some kind of synthetic drug and I’m not for that kinda thing, yuck.

So I considered RuthlessSpiceCake but not only was that a bit fluffy it also had too many letters.

So I thought RuthlessLatte because, coffee… closer to what I’m looking for but it was missing something.

I thought I’d add the x’s to frame the name like some people do but then it ended up being xRuthlessLattex which is SOOOOOOOOOO not the kinda thing I’m into and actually kinda weirded me out and I had to go get another cup of coffee to really think this thing through because while it was kinda funny I am neither a proctologist nor am I into anything in “that” kinda scene.  I mean seriously (and I hope you’re not taking a sip of anything at the moment) if I wanted to go in that direction I could just change it to RuthlessBugger [grin]

So, now I’m sitting here and thinking “what is my motivation” I’ve seen all those fancy actor folks use that line lets see how it applies to a real persons personality but online while knocking the snot out of the baddies.

  • RuthlessLee…hmmm, no.
  • RuthlessCrankyChick…again too many letters and not always true.
  • RuthlessMenopause… [laughsnort]
  • RuthlessCoffeeDrinker…again too many letters though I suppose so far that’s the closest to ME gaming that I’ve gotten.
  • Ruthless….was already taken
  • RuthlessPickachu…not my game but cute!
  • RuthlessPickle…uh, no.
  • RuthlessPainter…eh.
  • RuthlessLactose…lol, ‘s true too much milk is not good for you.
  • RuthlessCaffeLatte… too long
  • RuthlessCuppa….. maybe
  • RuthlessSkeeter…appropriate as I usually prefer to fly round the edges to take out the bad guys with a bow.
  • RuthlessSkitter…hmmm, skitter popped up when I put in skeeter as an option and it means 1. move lightly and quickly or hurriedly.
  • RuthlessReaper…eh, it sounds good but it sounds more like I’m a sword heavy user for some reason.
  • RuthlessSkittle…LOL

Ok, what about things that start with R? I’ll start with foods


RuthlessRadish…lol, I kinda like that one




RuthlessRamen….I like it but I’m sure someone somewhere would think I was appropriating even though I eat oddles of noodles.

I think I’d better wait til Dave gets home at this point I’ve got names floating before my eyes, lol.

Ok, nevermind he just suggested

  • FredrikaPaprika
  • StinkyButtes
  • etc.

LOL, he’s obviously not going to be a great help in this instance.


*****************2 days later*****************


There ya go, I finally changed it to something a bit more in line with the way I play.  I am not an awesome gamer with hack ‘n slash style  and quick reflexes. Nope, I like a good bow so I can whisk in from the side or even sometimes whisk myself away from a boss that’s about to squish me.

Whew, so glad that’s done, lol.



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