Self Sufficient Kids

Christy: Hey Dave, I think I’ve been doing this parenting thing wrong.

Dave: [raised eyebrow] you’re just thinking of this now when 2 of our kids are already adults?

Christy: I watched the news today…


Christy: [raised eyebrow]

Dave: [grin] ok, lets hear it.

Christy: Well, the kids don’t need me for everything, the older two have jobs and live on their own now, and the only whining I hear is if one of the girls needs to vent.

Dave: Yeah, it’s nice having just one at home now, though I do miss the older two.

Christy: You miss them but you don’t miss there being no spoons when you go to grab one…I still don’t know where the heck all the spoons got off to.

Dave: I’ve always suspected Dee but I wouldn’t have put it passed Stephan to toss a spoon or fork if he wasn’t paying attention while reading or in a hurry to get back to his game.

Christy: Yeah, which makes me wonder how Dee isn’t a gamer and the rest of us are, I mean even the youngest is a gamer [shaking head] I know Dee’s mine because she looks just like me but that’s always puzzled me.  I mean she likes to surf though so I guess she got something from me since I love to boogie board [grumble] not that I get a chance to that often.

Dave: Yes, yes, so what was your insight oh person who runs off on a tangent which is another thing both the girls get from you [snicker]

Christy: A story is only worth telling if you get all the tidbits in there dear otherwise it’s as flat as your sisters behind.

Dave: Noassattall Syndrome aside, what’s your point I’d like to get back to my game.

Christy: Yeah, yeah, sorry I know we do our gaming at night but as I walked to the coffee pot for a refill I remembered this from earlier and lets face it you just got obliterated again so you have a mo’.

Dave: -_-

Christy: [cackle] Anyway, so I was watching the news and some friends on FB and there are like all these kids [cough] and some adults acting like irrational kids protesting about all kinds of stuff, demanding things they haven’t earned, expecting they can have their way just because they’re loud and obnoxious;  and I think I did something wrong because our kids “use their words”, don’t want to go into debt in any form, don’t rely on anyone but themselves for betterment, and thankfully haven’t made us grandparents yet… not that I’m against being a grandparent I just want them to be secure before it happens ya?

[scratching head] I think I messed up when I taught them when they were young that if they could come up with a valid argument for doing/not doing something like a chore or an activity they wanted to pursue and delivered it calmly and rationally for debate that they could possibly have their desired outcome happen because I’m not an unreasonable person.

Also there was that bit where I taught them what Grandpa Nichols told me, “Chrissy, the only person you can ever truly rely on is the money in your pocket.” Great man my grandfather.

Dave: I’m not seeing the problem, all of our kids are pretty self sufficient which makes me proud of them.

Christy: Well yeah, of course I’m proud of them because they can and do think and take care of themselves, I just feel like we actually ended up cursing them because they’re aware that a goodly number of their peers are idiots.  I mean even Bellatrix at 10 has asked me why there are so many idiots floating around.  I’m just saying it might have been less painful emotionally for them to be sheeple?

Dave: So…you miss the kids all being under one roof where you can make sure they’re ok on a consistent basis and have just generally been worrying about them since the world seems to have gone sideways.

Christy: Yeah, in a nutshell. [pout]

Dave: So set up a family dinner I’ll pull out the smoker, you can pick up some extra meats when you go out because I know you like to do the grocery shopping and we’ll have dinner all of us and then send them home with some prepped meals because I know you well enough to know that a delicious meal means that you love and care and I’m sure they’d appreciate not having to cook a few meals for themselves. The wonderful food thing incidentally is why I like to stay on your good side, I remember the week of beans, limp cabbage, and green veggies every day[shudder]

Christy: [sigh] You’re right.

Dave: Of course I am, I’m Super Dave [striking hero pose]

Christy: [snort]

Dave: The kids are mostly content and really being content is the balance most people are striving for and don’t even realize.

Christy: I’m not saying you’re right again, we don’t want you to get a big ego [wink]

Dave: Dang [pout]




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