The Love Fest

Dave: [smiling smugly]

Christy: We have a bit of a new tradition in our house.

Dave: [buffing nails on shirt]

Christy: This month is Dave’s birthday and I’d gotten him a real gift this year because it was on easy pay over at QVC.

Dave: [sniffing shirt dreamily]

Christy: For those who do not know what easy pay is, it’s like lay-a-way but they send the item you order after you make the first installment.  It’s the only way we could ever swing spending anything over $40 at once. [shrug] If you’re interested they have versions of it at QVC and HSN and yes some some of the items are more costly than if you’d get them at a regular store but it is what it is.

Dave: [sighing]

Christy: Oh for the love of Pete man! I know you smell heavenly at the moment you’ve been standing in hickory smoke all day [grin]

Dave: Yep

Christy: [laughing] Yes, I splurged on an electric smoker for Dave and gave it to him early.

Dave: It’s the gift that keeps on giving [grin]

Christy: Yep

Dave: Wish I could have used it the moment it arrived [pout]

Christy: Well, there was that whole hurricane thing if you recall.

Dave: Yeah, at least we got it to fit in the car just in case.

Christy: And that folks is how we prioritized for the evacuation.

Dave: We packed things we didn’t want to live without if our house blew away.

Christy: And considering we’d just gotten the darn thing it went with us along with all of my lock n’ lock storage containers which actually made the whole thing easier because stuff was organized.

Dave: Good thing you still had the box to the computer to eh? [grin]

Christy: Yep

Dave: So once we got back and Christy discovered the joys of shopping at Aldi every couple weeks, we, have a new tradition.

Christy: It’s like …omgosh… our back porch; I’m not lying it smells so good and all that smokey goodness floats around the neighborhood all day long.

Dave: The dog seems to want to go outside more.

Christy: The cat wants to go out to get that lizard in the window that the cooking draws.

Dave: It’s a gift the whole family enjoys.

Christy: Making all the meat at once for easy prep of dinner through the week is one of my favorite parts.

Dave: Besides the smell, have we mentioned the smell? It’s glorious.

Christy: Why yes, you do smell rather good at the moment.

Dave: Good? Good!  Woman [grin] I’ll have you know if we could bottle this as cologne we’d make a fortune.

Christy: Probably, I bet if you looked at the divorce rate in homes where men either have a food smoking business or smoke meats on the regular it’s practically non existent.

Dave: We’re just that hot.

Christy: [snort]

Dave: It’s a regular love fest out there [wink]

~Smoker 4 Easy Pays of $20.17
~Groceries for 2 weeks $185
~Dave cooking up a batch of whatever in the smoker every other weekend Free

Dave: Memories. Priceless




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