Five Dollars

Just an observation I suppose but I wanted to put it here in the blog because the whole point of the blog to begin with was to be a kind of journal or diary of our life and experiences for us to look back on when we’re old and grey for giggles or to appreciate the life we’ve lived. At any rate here’s the observation:

If you do something that is right people may be looking at you funny but you’re setting an example of the kind of world you want to live in.


Bellatrix and I had run over to the DG last night for the necessities; TP, coffee, chocolate, you know, stuff that makes the day better, lol. Anyway, as we were checking out I had glanced to my right and I saw what looked like money on the floor so I went over and picked it up, noted that it was a fiver, and handed it over to the checkout dude.

Why though did I had it over even though it was just money on the floor? I handed it over because it wasn’t mine. It really is that simple. I know a lot of people out there would have just thought to themselves “woohoo, free money” but I didn’t because (and I cannot reiterate this enough) it was not mine. I didn’t even really think about it beyond picking it up so that it would be safe from being taken… by giving it to the cashier who might get it back to the person who dropped it.

The cashier seemed a bit shocked, the ladies who were standing behind us rolled their eyes but I did what I knew was the correct thing to do and by doing so set a good example not just for my daughter but for those other people who no matter what they thought about my doing what I did…were witnesses to a moment of positivity that is rarely seen in person nowadays.

So, what’s the point?

Just go do stuff that is right in real life, don’t just talk about it online. If you want a better world you have to be a better you.




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