The Pore Strip

For real, I walked into the house and saw Christy with this thing on her nose.

The very first thing that crossed my mind considering our kind of luck was that my wife had been involved in some bizarre kitchen incident, was wearing a bandage, and I was about to hear a truly fascinating story since she seemed to be in good spirits.

So of course the first words out of my mouth after the hello I yodeled as I walked in was

Dave: What the h*ll is that on your nose?

Christy: It’s a pore strip

Dave: What the h*ll is a pore strip? (because by now I’m deeply concerned for her safety as that looks like it will be painful to remove like a giant band aid or something)

Christy: It’s for cleaning pores and beautification.

Dave: But you’re already beautiful, so this is just like for maintaining right?

Christy: Sure, lets go with that.

At any rate, I can now tell you that I do not recommend allowing your wife to try to put one on you…just saying.




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